• Amherst Plate Dinner
  • Stripes&Pois Dinner set 18 pcs
  • Heritage Veranda Dinner Plate
  • Bettie Dinner Plate, Blue/Red
  • Giallo Dinner Set, 3 Pieces
  • Why settle for passable when you can have the perfect upgrade or gift fulfilling both function and style!?

    Far too often sorting through the near endless options of dull white china we find it easy to settle on the easiest to find at the time than to dig through the sludge to that perfect kitchen upgrade or wedding gift that will have the happy couple send pictures your way of the dishes being used. There is a declaration of style and personality made with each asset of a home, and that carries over to dishware as well. With our selection of glasses, everyday dishes, and fine china, there is no reason left to not have great value dining sets that not only fill the position, but shine out brightening the kitchen and dining room with their very presence.

  • With the near 4,000 year origins of what we now refer to as china, we have to admit there has been quite a bit of time to perfect the art, and many of the same materials from the Shang Dynasty period hold strong with kaolin and feldspar creating a canvas for beautiful, and practical, works of art that make the perfect gift.

    Everyday dishes used every day? That doesn't mean they have to be a drag! Plenty of materials, colors, and designs to pick from with companies like Corelle, Fiesta, Danks, and Pfaltzgraff using a myriad of materials; Stoneware, ceramic, terracotta, earthenware, ironstone, melamine plastic, and vitrified glass. These open up an endless realm of possibilities on expanding your kitchen set.

    Hardy steins and delicate tea cups. Sturdy coffee mugs and elegent wine glasses. Tumblers, and simple, or not so simple, water glasses. Not to be overlooked, and not to be undervalued as an important piece of any kitchen, we make certain to keep our shelves stocked with what you need to stock yours.

  • Fable Blue Tree Dinner Set, 16 pieces
  • Dinner Plate Happy Deer 27 cm
  • Bossa Nova Dinner Plate �27cm 2-pcs