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    A world without beautiful art is a world which does not exist for long...

    Dazzling Dishes was born out of a life long love for beautiful dishes.  With the desire in mind to maintain the art of the table and all that entails.  

    As a young girl and thanks to my Mom, I fell in love with a world which offered hospitality to family as well as friends and neighbors. 

    I appreciated beautiful glass and saw the potential it had for giving love in return.  A beautiful soup tureen might contain soup but from it love is laddled into a bowl in the form of Mom's best Chicken and Dumplings.

    I vividely remember Mom's beautiful supermarket china that she slowly and patiently collected over time.  At each weeks grocery store visit she purchased one or two pieces until she had a grand collection.  Every Sunday we feasted on those china plates that had been filled from platters ladened with her one of a kind Chicken Fried Steak and the vegetetable bowls full of steamy buttery mashed potatos.  

    A beautiful table setting is the expression of Mom's love.  Visual beauty, wonderful aroma, delicious taste, touch and the fellowship and love of family and friends.  

    Filling empty stomachs is one of the goals but filling empty hearts with true warmth is our ultimate goal.  When people experience hospitality and fellowship at the table, the world is changed for good as we go from there and pour out from what has been poured in.

    Let's build your table...

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